Oxygen Concentrator Repair / Concentrator Buyback program / Wholesale or Bulk Purchases

Bradshaw Oxygen Repair provides quick turnaround and affordable certified medical oxygen concentrator repair services. We provide a mobile repair service for individuals within 100 miles of our location and will travel nationwide to repair for Durable Medical Equipment companies (with a 15 unit minimum). We perform Preventive Maintenance and Repair services for most makes and models of stationary home oxygen concentrators. All of our oxygen concentrator repair work comes with a full one year warranty for parts replaced and the associated labor. Warranty EXCLUDES filters, physical damage, and preventive maintenance. Smoke and pest infestation void the warranty.
If your equipment cannot be repaired, we offer a buyback program or can issue a credit from the concentrator check fee towards a newly refurbished concentrator.  We also buy used, broken, and out of warranty concentrators no longer covered by the factory warranty. We buy out oxygen inventory from medical companies and facilities.
We offer up to a 20% discount on oxygen concentrators purchased in bulk.  Minimum purchase for the discount to apply is 10 machines. Please email info@bradshawoxygen.com for inventory available for bulk purchase. 
Please call 828-380-6287
Certifications and credentials for oxygen concentrator repair