Summit to Sea "The Dive"

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Specs: 4.4 PSI – 1.3 ATA | 33" in diameter and 90” long | 1 person capacity | 2-year warranty


Price does not include oxygen concentrator.  Please contact us  if you also need a concentrator and we can apply a package discount.

  • Summit to Sea Air Silencer ($299 + $25 estimated shipping)
  • Extended Warranties – 1 year $715 – 2 years $1035 – 3 years $1322
  • Two compressors with separate hoses
  • Internal and External gauge
  • Two air release valves and one back up safety valve
  • Failed Circuit Alarm
  • Two Zippers
  • Belt and Buckle system to ensure safety and extends life of the zipper
  • Larger zipper opening than other chambers
  • Customer support 7 days a week

Summit to Sea's Dive Hyperbaric Chamber is a one-of-a-kind oxygen therapy unit that provides the ability to achieve higher levels of oxygen saturation for accelerated healing, increased fitness, and performance. Slightly larger than the Shallow Dive, the Summit To Sea Dive Hyperbaric Chamber measures 33-inches in diameter and 90-inches in length. The unit allows users to safely achieve a maximum pressure of 4.4 PSI while reducing while providing double-sided full-length zippers for easy entry and exit.