Summit To Sea "The Grand Dive"

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Specs: 4.4 PSI – 1.3 ATA | 40" in diameter and 90” long | 2-3 person capacity | 2-year warranty

Does not include oxygen concentrator.  Please contact us if you also need an oxygen concentrator for package deal pricing. Free shipping on chamber.

  • Summit to Sea Air Silencer ($299 + $25 estimated shipping)
  • Extended Warranties – 1 year $1045 – 2 years $1380 – 3 years $1667
  • Two compressors with separate hoses
  • Internal and External gauge
  • Two air release valves and one back up safety valve
  • Failed Circuit Alarm
  • Two Zippers
  • Belt and Buckle system to ensure safety and extends life of the zipper
  • Larger zipper opening than other chambers
  • Customer support 7 days a week


The Summit to Sea Grand Dive is a specialized hyperbaric chamber that allows athletes to spend longer sessions within the chamber with added safety. There are two key components for this - the first is the ability to have redundant compressors in case one fails while in use. Plus, the unit's chamber features plenty of room, large enough so that up to 2-3 people can comfortably fit into the unit at once.