Summit To Sea "The Shallow Dive"

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Specs: 4.4 PSI – 1.3 ATA | 26" in diameter and 84” long | 1 person capacity | 2-year warranty.

Oxygen Concentrator not included in price.  Please contact us to create a customized invoice. Shipping for  the Chamber is an additional $200.


  • External furniture grade PVC frame included
  • Camp style mat
  • Summit to Sea Air Silencer ($299 + $25 estimated shipping)
  • Extended Warranties – 1 year $495 – 2 years $805 – 3 years $1092

The Summit to Sea's Shallow Dive is a best-selling hyperbaric chamber. It provides plenty of space for comfortable and effective treatment sessions. Designed with a 26-inch diameter and 84-inch long chamber, the Shallow Dive sports high-efficiency electric air pumps with patented sound suppression and a top-of-line in-line air filtration system. The Shallow Dive allows athletes to enjoy the benefits of enhanced hyperbaric treatment all at an affordable price.